Sanitary macerator pump

Why a sanitary macerator pump?

Often the installation of sanitary facilities is not possible because:

  • there is no suitable diameter drain provided
  • the drain is too far away
  • the device lies below the level of the sewer.

Our sanitary pumps offer a solution.

overview of connecting devices to a sanitairy macerator pump

Toilet, shower, dishwasher, sink, etc. can be connected to the sanitary pump so that water from these devices is automatically pumped out.

The output of an existing sanitary drain broyeur can be connected to 32mm piping.


Principle, sanitary pump operation:

  1. 1. The toilet is pulled, the water level rises in the pump and  the sanitary pump motor starts automatically.
  2. 2. The blades of the crusher cuts the waste into fine particles.
  3. 3. The waste water gets pumped through a standard Ø32 mm pipe.
  4. 4. The reservoir of the sanitary pump is now empty. The macerator is ready for the next cycle.

Applications of the sanitary pump.

A dishwasher, shower or toilet in the basement.

Installing a toilet without the need of a new big diameter drainage pipe.

A toilet or shower on a boat below the waterline.

Macerator questions:

  • What does a macerator do??

  • How to fit a macerator?

  • What happens when I put the wrong substance in my macerator?

  • My macerator is blocked?

  • My macerator is not working?

  • Are macerators noisy?

  • How long do macerators last for?

  • Does my macerator also take other waste appliances?

  • Do I require a plumber to fit my macerator?

  • How do I fix a broken macerator?

What does a macerator do?

Macerators are built for pumping out waste from the toilet and other waste water through a small diameter pipe rather that relying on a standard (big) waste pipe.


How to fit a macerator?

Each macerator is different, so it is very important to follow the instructions. As a rough guide, most macerators slide behind the toilet that has already been installed. Pull the macerator toilet inlet bellow over the outlet of the toilet. You then need to plumb in the outlet from the macerator to the soil pipe or stack.


What happens when I put the wrong substance in my macerator?

If you put the wrong substance (foreign, solid, object) down the toilet, this the macerator blade will jam or block up. This prevents the pump motor from turning and will result in  having to call out an emergency plumber.


My macerator is not working?

Please check if power is present. Unplug the macerator and plug it back in after 1 hour. Press the manual override button for 1 minute .

If the macerator is "humming" instead of pumping the waste water the blade of the macerator is probably blocked.


My Macerator is blocked?

In most cases removing the foreign object will make the system work again. It is a good idea to find out if there is power to the macerator. All our macerators are ewuipped with a thermal protection which cuts in when the motor gets too hot (due to blockage). Some models have an audible alarm when a blockage is detected.


Are macerators noisy?

Depending on the model the macerator is as noisy as a dishwasher or a washing machine. When flushing the toilet the macerator will run for a very short period of time, usually less than 10 seconds.


How long do macerators last for?

The general rule about macerators, is that the machine is an added 2nd toilet and is only built good enough for small amount of traffic, which should at least last for up to 15 years depending on the use. In an average use home as a main bathroom, then you would expect a macerator to last about 10 years. If the macerator is being used in a high traffic such as on a commercial premises, then you would expect about 3 years, however there are special macerators that are made more suitable the commercial side, but expect to pay about £700 for this or more.


Does my macerator also take other appliance?

Depending what macerator you have, a macerator can take all types of soil waste, as long as it is within the guidelines and there are no solids going down such as kitchen waste or wet wipes.


Do I require a plumber to fit a macerator?

As long as the instructions are followed correctly and the installation meets all regulations then a plumber is not required. Due to the amount of mistakes made and the quality of the work, a plumber should most definitely be involved, due the amount of experience. Any macerators fitted incorrectly, will void the warranty.


How do I fix a broken macerator?

In most cases, broken macerators can be fixed with our technical assistance. It is strongly recommended not to try to replace the parts before contacting us. If you are lucky, the macerator will be blocked with unwanted item or a switch has been accidentally knocked off. If requiring any more assistance, then it may be a good idea to call a local plumber or contact us directly.