Some products enjoy the so-called 'BENELUX PROMO', these products are shipped for FREE throughout the Benelux.
During checkout the "free shipping" option can be selected for these products.
This applies to specific products only, other products can be added to this order to be shipped for free to Belgium and Netherlands.


Current BENELUX PROMO products:

Delivery by courier:

We negotiated good prices and conditions with our courier due to the large amount of shipments each day.

Following table gives an indication of shipping costs by country*

Shipping cost DPD (Parcel <30Kg)
Germany €9  
France €13  
United Kingdom €15  
Austria €15  
Denmark €18  
Italy €20  
Spain, Poland, Romenia, Czech Republic €27  
Other Contries: Contact us!  

Delivery cost indicated INCLUDES insurance! We do not charge extra for multiple items in one shipment, provided the total does not exceed 30kg. The shipping cost for orders over 30kg will be automatically adjusted during checkout.

*Islands are not included!
For example UK postal codes with a surcharge of 28.50 GBP: 1510JE1-JE4, 1511GY1-GY9, 1512IM1-IM9,1515KW15-KW17,1515ZE1-ZE3,1516HS1-HS9,1516IV41-IV52,1516IV55-IV56,1516PH42-PH43, 1518KA28, 1518PA20, 1518PA41-PA78, 1519KA27, 1530BT1-BT3, 1530BT12-BT15, 1530BT29, 1530BT36-BT44, 1530BT53-BT54, 1530BT56-BT59, 1531BT68-BT71, 1531BT74-BT82, 1531BT92-BT94, 1532BT45-BT52, 1532BT55, 1533BT11, 1533BT17, 1533BT28, 1533BT35, 1533BT60-BT67, 1534BT4-BT10, 1534BT16, 1534BT18-BT27, 1534BT30-BT34, 1565PO30-PO41


Free pickup at our warehouse in Belgium.

All products offered in our WebShop can be picked up at our address.

Contact us to make an appointment for free pickup of your delivery.


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