Trad4u, Our mission

tra4u global mission

We believe that online sales is the future platform for sales, allowing to reduce overhead costs and offer very attractive prices to our customers. Although we offer our products at very competitive prices, we believe a competitive price should never be at the expense of quality or after sales service. The customer always comes at the first place and our goal is not only selling high quality products at low prices, but also to give our customer an overall perfect buying experience. Only if the customer is satisfied, we are satisfied!

who we are

Established in 2005 we entered the market with only one main goal: selling online only the highest quality products at very competitive prices, though NEVER at the expense of the after-sales service. Nowadays it is very easy to find cheap products online, but even when you think you found a trustworthy supplier it is still not very obvious to find qualitative products. Even after finding a good qualitative product, it is always possible something goes wrong and then the after sales service will quickly reveal the real cost of the purchase. To guarantee you a perfect after sales service we established our own service department and all repairs are done in house, even when the warranty period is finished! By having offices close to the factories and by purchasing all goods directly in bulk quantity from the factory, we are able to closely monitor the quality and reduce all overhead costs by eliminating all other chains between you and the factory. From the first step, before making your purchase, until the time some problem may occur with your product, we are always at your service! Trad4U promises a long term commitment by offering you a great purchase experience from the beginning till the end. That's why we are only happy if you are! We are specialized in Professional Ultrasonic Equipment and Macerator Pumps. All items are in stock including all accessories.

trad4u worldwide presence

Our head office and warehouse is located in the heart of Europe, Belgium, and we have also offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen (China). We welcome resellers and wholesalers and due to our presence in China we can offer sharp prices for big quantities. Please contact our head office in Belgium for more information.